General Booking Conditions

ARTICLE 1: General booking conditions 


1.1 The contract is between the tenant (the ‘tenant’ or ‘you’) and the owners of the ‘TOFFHOUSES Villa’, the ‘owner’ or ‘we’ or ‘us’)
1.2 The general terms and conditions apply to the agreement, as well as to all offers, quotations, agreements with and services from TOFF HOUSES, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise. 
1.3 The general terms and conditions are, if reasonably possible, handed over to the (main) tenant before or at the conclusion of the agreement

ARTICLE 2: Realization agreement. 

2.1 The agreement is established after receiving a booking confirmation from TOFFHOUSES. The tenant who enters into an agreement on behalf of or for the benefit of others is jointly and severally liable towards TOFFHOUSES for all obligations arising from the relevant agreement.
2.2 TOFF HOUSES will send the booking confirmation by email within two working days
2.3 The reservation confirmation will state the name and contact details of the tenant, as well as the number of people who will stay in the rented accommodation.
2.4 If the confirmation contains inaccuracies, the tenant must report this to TOFFHOUSES within two working days after receiving the booking confirmation
2.5 The owner is entitled to refuse a booking in connection with the (youthful) age and the size of a group of tenants
2.6 Right of withdrawal: We would like to point out that reservations you make are legally definitive. The right of withdrawal does not apply


ARTICLE 3. Payment

3.1 The deposit amounts to 25% of the total rent and must be received by TOFF HOUSES within 5 days after the date of the booking confirmation.
3.2 The remainder of the rent must be in the possession of TOFFHOUSES no later than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period. In the event of late payment, the tenant is in default. The tenant will be notified of this in writing by email by TOFFHOUSES and then still has the option to pay the amount still due within 2 days. If payment is still not made, the agreement will be deemed to have been cancelled on the day of default and TOFFHOUSES has the right to make the rental object available again.
3.3 If the reservation is made within 6 weeks of the day the rental period commences, the entire rent must be paid immediately. The rental sum must be received by TOFFHOUSES within 3 days after the date of the booking confirmation of the agreement. If payment is not made, the agreement is deemed to have been cancelled on the day of default and TOFFHOUSES has the right to make the rental object available again.
.4 The safety deposit (see article 4) must be paid at the same time as the remainder of the rent. If the reservation is made within 6 weeks of the day the rental period starts, the safety deposit must be paid simultaneously with the entire rental amount.
3.5 Preferably by bank transfer. Payments can be made in EUR or Pounds.

ARTICLE 4 Cancellation by the tenant 

4.1 Cancellations must be made in writing, e-mail is acceptable ( with the confirmation of the reservation. TOFFHOUSES will send a cancellation confirmation upon receipt of the cancellation. 
4.2 In the event that the customer cancels a reservation:
– If the reservation has been cancelled within 24 hours after receiving the deposit payment, nothing will be owed and a full refund will be made to the tenant;
– if the reservation has been cancelled up to 6 weeks before scheduled arrival date, 25% of the total rent is owed to TOFFHOUSES;
– if the reservation has been cancelled from 6 weeks onwards to scheduled arrival date 100% of the total rental fee is owed to TOFFHOUSES;
– The safety deposit is refunded in all cases

ARTICLE 5 Cancellation by the owner 

5.1 If the owner is forced to cancel the booking, the tenant will receive a full refund, except in case of reasons that are beyond control of all parties involved (see 5.2)
5.2 In case the booked Property cannot be reached at all during the booked rental period for of all parties involved (including but not limited to strikes, extreme weather conditions and / or other extraordinary unforeseen circumstances), owner cannot be held accountable. 
5.3 As an alternative to the above, and always in case of sale of the Property, Owner or the new Owner has the right to offer Tenant for the booked period another Property in the same style and quality (or better) within a maximum of 30 kilometres range from the booked Property. In case none of the above can be realized, Tenant is entitled to receive back the entire rental price without further claims for any damage whatsoever.

ARTICLE 6 Liability of the tenant 

6.1 The tenant is responsible for proper care on the inside and outside of the house (including the swimming pool), all content and property during the stay dates. Any damage or loss must be reported immediately. 
6.2 The tenant will fully reimburse all costs incurred by himself and his/ her party, including those not covered by the deposit. 
6.3 The safety deposit of 400 EURO will be charged and applied by the owner against the costs of repairing any damage and replacing broken or missing items found on or after the departure of the tenant. In the event of damage, found on or after the departure of the tenant that is estimated to be higher than the deposit, a report will be drawn up by the owner or an expert to be engaged. TOFF HOUSES informs the tenant of the amount involved in the repair or replacement of the damaged or lost goods with the damage report attached. The renter is obliged to compensate this damage (see article 4.5). 
6.4 The safety deposit will be returned to you no later than ten days after the end of the rental period, less any deductions to cover repair costs or replacement items.
6.5 The tenant agrees that, in the event of damage to the rental property or accessories, caused by acts or omissions of the tenant during his stay in the rental property, the entire safety deposit can in principle be withheld. In the event that this sum is not sufficient to compensate for the total damage as stated in the damage report, the tenant will transfer the remaining amount necessary for repair and / or replacement after written notification by TOFF HOUSES within a period of ten days after the date of this notification. to the owner on the account number indicated. 
6.6 A deduction from the safety deposit is also permitted if the tenant does not deliver the rental object empty within the agreed period or if the tenant fails to fulfil his other obligations arising from the contract. Retention of the safety deposit does not relieve the renter of a duty to other damages that the owner may claim from the renter for non-timely delivery by the renter.

ARTICLE 7 Landlord’s liability

7.1 The owner accepts the responsibility that the property is as described.
7.2 The owner accepts no responsibility for acts of God or nature, including bad weather.
7.3 The owner accepts no responsibility for death, personal injury, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever to tenants, their party or a person who is present during the rental period or their property or the property of other parties.
We advise the tenant to ensure adequate insurance for the aforementioned situations.
7.4 The tenant must inform the manager of the accommodation orally about any complaints and the manager will try to solve the problem as quickly as possible. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the tenant must contact TOFFHOUSES so that all reasonable efforts can be made to resolve the complaint. In the event that the tenant leaves the premises before the expiry of the agreed rental period without mutual consent, there will be no refund. If the tenant fails to inform the property manager of a complaint before departure, the owner must reasonably assume that the tenant did not consider the problem serious enough to spoil their holiday and / or to justify complaints or claims against the owner

ARTICLE 8 Rental regulations 

8.1 The number of people staying in the rented accommodation may not exceed the number that is reserved and as stated on the booking confirmation. TOFFHOUSES. The house can accommodate up to 9 people, including 1 <3 years. TOFFHOUSES has the right to charge an additional fee for any person, regardless of age, that will be added after booking confirmation.
The house can accommodate up to 9 people, including 1 <3 years. 
8.2 The tenant is not permitted to sublet the accommodation or otherwise make it available to third parties or to make it available. 8.3 The tenant will arrive after 15:00 and before 21:00, unless by appointment. The tenant must inform the property manager of any delays before arrival. The tenant leaves the villa in good condition before 10.30 in the morning, leaving all the keys. 
8.4 Mid-week cleaning and end-of-stay cleaning are included in the price. Bed linen towels and beach towels for the pool are provided. During the mid-week cleaning, the bathroom towels are replaced. 
8.5 The owner reserves the right, in his sole discretion, to terminate the holiday of the tenant if, in the opinion of the owner or manager of the accommodation, his behaviour is likely to cause suffering, damage, annoyance or danger to the tenant. the accommodation. If for this reason the tenant is unable to continue his / her vacation, the owner is not responsible, including any arrangements for their return home. The owner will charge a full cancellation fee and will not issue a refund. Moreover, the owner is not obliged to pay a fee or to cover the costs that the tenant may incur as a result of making alternative arrangements. The tenant will allow the owner and his manager or agents access to the property at all times to perform all necessary works and to inspect the condition and use of the property. 
8.6 Smoking is not permitted in the house in any way. 
8.7 Pets are not allowed 
8.8 The owner can in no way be held responsible for accidents or injuries resulting from negligence on behalf of the tenant and / or one of the parties or additional visitors and in the case of children or disabled adults due to lack of supervision or non-compliance. compliance with house rules.

ARTICLE 9 Final provisions

9.1 Any changes to the booking (changes in guests or number of guests etc.) must be agreed by the owner
9.2 All offers, agreements and the implementation thereof, to which these rental conditions apply in whole or in part, are governed exclusively by Dutch law.

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